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•Thermal conductivity: 2.0/1.5/0.8 W/m*K•Tow-parts package and easy to use•Waterproof and air-tightLiPOLY TPS589 is a double pack silicon material for gap filling. The viscosity and flowing is very low. The high deformation material, which can filling the gap closely, cover the tolerance, and has outstanding conductivity, makes is suitable for filling the peculiar gap. LiPOLY’s ability of research and development is providing our best thermal solution to customers, which can satisfy customer special requirement on advanced product.
•Thermal conductivity: 3.6 W/m*K•Fast curing in normal atmospheric temperature•Flame retardant•Great reliability•Great sealing in low pressurePK404DM belong to silicone gel RTV21. Open the cap to set up the mixing tube, squeeze out the A&B gel and mix it even by the mixing tube. 2. Instrument: Gel dispensing Robot or manual dispensing. Notices:If the interface has organic compounds such as Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P), Sulfur (S) etc., and heavy metals ionic compound such as Tin (Sn), Lead (Pb), Mercury (Hg), Antimony (Sb), Bismuth (Bi), Arsenic (As) etc., and Organometallic-salts etc., which will cause the gel incomplete curving. In the less serious case, the surface and the interface will curve incompletely. In the serious case, the gel will be non-curved.Environmental way:Exce...
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